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I had a blast yesterday in the half! I have done several dozen races and I can honestly say this was one of the best ones I have ever done. With it being a small race not in a major metro area, I was expecting it to have just the bare necessities. I couldn't have been more wrong. Every rest stop had water, gatorade, oranges, bananas and gels, not to mention a ton of screaming volunteers. The only races I have ever done that were that well stocked were Ironman events - never a half marathon. You should be proud of the amazing event you put on.

It was worth every bit of the $70 I spent for the entry. I have already bragged to my triathlon group ( FWTri Club- Friends Who Tri) about how great it was and that they all need to go do it next year. You can bet i will be back.

John Pace 2014
I've run big 1/2 marathons and little local ones. By far, the Xpress run holds it's own against the likes of the Spirit of Survival and Fairview 1/2. The kids were fantastic! I really felt that genuinely were glad to be cheering me on, even in the cold.

More people should run the Xpress. They won't regret it!

Kathleen Brown 2014
What an awesome event! Every detail was wonderful, from running around a tree at the turn around instead of virtually on a dime to turn around to having oranges and bananas at the turn around to the ridiculously energetic kids working the aid stations.

One of my very favorite features of this event was the photographers. More photographers were on this course than I have ever seen on the any course, yes even the big events. And what's even better is that these amazing people were donating their time and their photos! I have never gotten so many photos at an event and they're free!

I had an absolutely amazing morning, thank you. If the third time's a charm next year is going to knock our socks off.

Meg Ramsey 2014

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