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The XPRESS Run Medals For 2019

The Xpress Half Marathon

The Xpress Half Marathon was originally conceived as a fundraiser for youth soccer in the Wichita Falls area. Since then the race has grown in popularity and now in addition to raising money for youth soccer, we have added P.E.T.S and Underdog Express to our Beneficiaries.

When we say this run helps kids, we mean it! The most notable attribute of our run is the water stations filled with all the young soccer players. Every high five you get from them comes from the heart. You’re helping them; they want to encourage you.

If you haven’t run this race yet, we urge you to check it out. Read the testimonials and come see for yourself why we are growing and why we are the flattest, fastest half marathon around.

Mens Current Record: 1:18:08

Ladies Current Record: 1:27:37