The XPRESS Half Marathon
The Half Marathon course is probably the flattest course in North Texas with an unbelievable elevation gain of only 67 feet. Starting at Memorial stadium, the course enters the Lake Wichita Park trail system at 2.29 miles, which is your first water station. The park trail navigates you along the shores of Lake Wichita, (which we are happy to say is full of water again) and down Holiday Creek,.

Just before the turn around you will pass two of our Sponsors, Endurance House and Kathleen Brown Attorney at Law. Endurance House is our main sponsor and I’m willing to bet they’re gonna get you psyched up! Both locations will be prepared to take care of your needs, including bathrooms.

You get to pass both of these sponsors on the return trip, as well as 2 more water stations, so we got you covered. The turnaround is at Weeks park Access road, which is approximately 6.43 miles.

The return trip will take you down Chat trail at mile 9, where you will may want to remove your headphones and enjoy the “crunch” of your footsteps on the gravel trail and enjoy the serenity of running through this small patch of paradise. If you’re lucky you may get to see some of the wildlife that inhabit this section, such as beaver, foxes and a various birds that are native to the area. For a mile and a half you will run through the east side of Lake Wichita park, passing the Dog park and athletic fields eventually hooking up with Lake Shore drive again (water station #1) for your final 2 miles back to the crowds and finish line.

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The XPRESS 12K Run
The 12k course takes a portion of the Half Marathon course with the exception that the turn-off is at about 3.5 miles, just before the Arch Bridge. Here you will turn off onto one of our favorite parts of the Xpress Run: Chat Trail. Chat trail will allow you to experience the low impact of gravel under your feet for about 2 miles and for the first ½ mile, experience the solitude of running through a wooded area.

This 12k course, like the half marathon course is almost dead flat. Aside from Barnett road, (first mile and last mile) there is no notable elevation changes. But don’t be fooled by the ease of the first mile going downhill on Barnett; you have to climb back up it to get home. This course is what we like to call a “burn-it” course. For those runners that have many miles of experience with 10ks, our 12k course (7.36 miles) is only a bit further and considering how flat our course is , this is a great opportunity to push yourself, hard!

If you’re not as experienced, our 12k course will help you advance your standing as a distance runner. When you finish it, you will be that much closer to a half marathon distance.

There are finishing medals for the 12k.

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Our 5k course takes you through the adjoining residential neighborhood south of the stadium. Volunteers will direct you within the first mile to where you enter and we will have plenty of volunteers guiding you around the many turns. High five the homeowners as they cheer you on and motivate you. As you pop out on Langford Drive, you can see the finish line in the distance. Make your gains here because its flat, but as you get back on Barnett there is a slight uphill incline as well as the last flag-lined 800 yards.

There are no finishing medals for the 5k but you can earn a placement award if you are up to the challenge.

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